Recognizing those who remain committed to news excellence

Dedication to the news publishing industry is in the blood of Editor & Publisher’s second class of 15 Over 50 honorees. They are still firmly committed to journalistic and publishing excellence and have transformed themselves just as the industry has during the past few decades.
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Making the data count

News Leaders Association has announced a comprehensive update to the former ASNE Diversity Survey, renamed the Transformative Transparency Project. It will provide the numbers, narratives and knowledge to assist news media stakeholders in undertaking reforms that address the lack of newsroom diversity.

The Spokane Daily Chronicle is revived as an evening e-edition newspaper

After nearly 30 years, The Spokane Daily Chronicle is making a comeback. The newspaper, which is the older sibling of The Spokesman-Review, initially launched in 1881 and ceased publishing in 1992. The Cowles family had owned both newspapers since 1897.

The shadow of hedge fund and corporate ownership leaves newsrooms in fear they’ll be picked clean

This summer, Alden Global Capital acquired Tribune Publishing and its titles, from small community newspapers to major metro titles like its flagship, The Chicago Tribune, and The Baltimore Sun. It wasn’t the first newspaper acquisition for this hedge fund firm, nor is it the only firm of its kind eyeing the nation’s newspapers. But this acquisition was profound, making Alden Global Capital the owner, in effect, of more than 200 newspapers across the land.

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Journalists covering the anti-democratic acts feel the tension in the air. "I would avoid using anything that identifies you as press," said Leandro Demori, journalist at The Intercept Brazil, adding: "It's critical that newsrooms provide protection to their staff."
A New York columnist who moved to Virginia City in 1950 and restarted the newspaper where Mark Twain wrote a century earlier, the former head of the Nevada Press Association and three reporters whose bylines were fixtures in northern Nevada’s largest publication for decades are entering the state’s Newspaper Hall of Fame.
Three new members will enter the Maine Press Association Hall of Fame on Oct. 23.
Arbitrator’s decision affirmed: R-J deprived Sun of proper portion of profit-sharing.
When future historians seek to explain the United States’ perilous slide toward authoritarianism in the 21st century, they will grapple with the role played in all these events by Fox News and the right-wing media. Simply put, those actors are helping Donald Trump and his movement threaten democracy, in a way that will likely continue getting worse.
“Sometimes I feel more like a stockbroker than a journalist,” one of my journalism fellowship peers sighed. We had been talking about how metrics are used in our newsrooms.
Hearst Newspapers, the owner of The Chronicle, told employees Tuesday that COVID-19 vaccinations will soon be required for all employees.
A proposal that will save thousands of journalist jobs is advancing, thanks to outstanding efforts by members of Congress committed to sustaining local journalism. A core piece of the Local Journalism Sustainability Act (LJSA) is included in the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package the House Ways and Means Committee is finalizing this week.
As the virus spread across the world, governments and health authorities made a considerable amount of open-source data available to the public.
Cara Buckley will unearth some of the more quiet, human stories about how people around the globe are living on a warming planet.
Courtney Rukan has been named multiplatform editing chief for The Washington Post. She will lead a team of more than 65 copy editors who are responsible for all newsroom content except the Magazine and Sports, as well as the News Service.
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