Connecting Community Listening with Revenue

Borealis Philanthropy’s Racial Equity Journalism Fund (REJ) and the American Press Institute (API) recently partnered to launch a new Listening and Sustainability Lab, which will support four publishers of color who want to delve into practices for listening and engagement with audience segments in order to lead to stronger journalism and new revenue streams.
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Lead Like It’s Jan. 20

News managers, I’m sure you’ve thanked your crews by now. You’ve sent people off to get some rest. You’ve taken note of every smart thing you’ve done in covering this year’s election. You’re doing an after-action review of lessons learned. I’m here to nudge you further into the future.

Critical Thinking

As the Importance of Data and Metrics Goals Rise in Newsrooms, Should Pay be Tied to Clicks?

It is undeniable that newsroom revenue is becoming more and more dependent on website and social media clicks. This also means that it has become easier to track exactly how well an individual article does in relation to the rest of the organization’s content.


Todd Colling to Manage Papers in Marinette, Antigo

Todd Colling, general manager of the Beloit Daily News, is preparing for a homecoming of sorts as he takes on the new role of general manager of the Marinette EagleHerald and Antigo Daily …

Greenfield Recorder Announces New Publisher

Publisher Michael Moses is stepping down, and Shawn Palmer, who has a deep background in newspapers in Connecticut, has been named publisher of the Greenfield Recorder, Daily Hampshire Gazette and …

Brier Dudley Named Free Press Editor for The Seattle Times

The Seattle (Washington) Times has announced the appointment of Brier Dudley as Free Press editor.As Free Press editor, Dudley will cover the current local and national crisis in journalism, along …

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Overcoming Hurdles in the Printing Industry

With a new year ahead of us, everyone wishes 2020 was just a bad dream, and newspapers can find their footing once again to explore new opportunities post-pandemic. As this past year took its toll on advertisers and our subscriber base and economy in general, many newspapers looked at consolidation, reducing print days, cutting pages, reducing staffing levels, and more of the same “economies” we’ve been forced to practice for several years now.

The Media Prepares for a Post-Trump Era

Since President Donald Trump lost his bid for re-election to Joe Biden in November, the media industry has been asking one important question: “What will we do without him?” A switch to a more “normal” or “boring” administration has rained down fears of low television ratings and a drop in subscriptions. However, the better question might be how much time will the media devote to covering Trump now that he is no longer in office?

Meet Our Operations Allstars Steve Infinger and John Morey

As part of the 2020 International Newspaper Group (ING) Leadership Networking Summit, ING and E&P decided to collaborate on the first annual ING/E&P Operations Allstar Awards, kicking off a partnership live at the Summit, which was scheduled for Sept. 18 to 20 in Chicago. Winners were to be announced at the Summit, but then our whole world changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the Summit and awards ceremony moved online.