Community for News Product Professionals Launches

More than 30 journalists have come together to establish the News Product Alliance (NPA), which aims to build a community of support and practice for news product professionals. The organization launched in September and intends to formalize at the beginning of 2021.
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Trusting Your Local Newspaper Keeps Information Alive at the Source

Recently a reader objected to some Herald-Tribune coverage by giving his own personal perspective in a long and heartfelt email. We offered to publish this critique on our opinion page. After …

Critical Thinking

If You Had the Chance to Interview the Incoming President, What Topics Would You Discuss with Him?

If I had the chance to interview the incoming president, I’m not exactly sure what I wouldn’t ask him. The choice between the current president and Republican candidate Donald Trump and former vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden left me with a sense of dread for the upcoming election. I honestly had no drive to vote at all...


Kathleen McGrory Named Tampa Bay Times Deputy Editor, Investigations

Kathleen McGrory has been named deputy editor for investigations at the Tampa Bay Times, becoming the first woman to run the newsroom’s watchdog team.McGrory has served as deputy investigations …

Courier Journal Taps Sales Veteran Alex Kellner as New Advertising Director

The Courier Journal has hired sales and advertising veteran Alex Kellner to serve as the site’s new sales director. The Morganton, North Carolina, native started with the publication Tuesday. …

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Voice’s Creator Incubator Program is the Home for Authentic Online Engagement

It’s no secret that content creators are finding it increasingly difficult to have valuable conversations online. Everyone has the ability to publish — but not everyone is able to have …

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Best Revenue Ideas in the Age of COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit earlier this year, it knocked out an already-struggling news industry, causing advertising dollars to plummet and newsrooms to layoff staff or to close entirely. Despite the ongoing struggles brought on by the pandemic, civil unrest and a volatile U.S. presidential election, news companies found innovative ways of boosting their bottom line so that they could continue to serve their communities.

How Cooperative Buying Will Bring Cost Savings to Our Industry

As the printing and publishing industry adjusts to change, we continue to seek new and more financially responsible ways to maintain sustainability—or in some unique cases find profitability. …

The Worldwide Surge in COVID-19–Related Trademark Applications

Coronavirus and COVID-19 are words that have become all too common around the world these past few months. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing millions of deaths and illnesses, drastically affecting …