1 year of E&P's "Photo of the Month"

"Wolf Moon" E&P Photo of the Month for April 2024

The January full moon, also known as the Wolf Moon, rises over the bison at Kendrick Park in Sheridan, Wyoming on Jan.24, 2024.

"Fire in Beeville" E&P Photo of the Month for March 2024

A lone volunteer fireman battles an early morning blaze in October 2023.

"Morning in Elko." E&P Photo of the Month for February, 2024

The Ruby View Golf Course was covered in a thick blanket of snow on January 11, 2024. The golf course in Elko made for an interesting morning walk following a snowstorm. Trees, signs and even flags peek above the snow, and some signs of life, like paw prints, let those walking by know they were not alone. The National Weather Service said there was a chance of rain or snow expected later in the week.

"Bodyslam." E&P Photo of the Month for January, 2024

A bodyslam punctuated the action at a September 2023 fundraiser in Flatwoods, Kentucky, which featured a gospel sing followed by wrestling.

"Love ya' Mom" E&P Photo of the Month for December, 2023

Duluth Denfeld wide receiver-safety KJ Pulliam kissed his mom, Sarah Nyen, on the cheek after being introduced during a Senior Night pregame ceremony prior to the Hunters' Northeast Red home game against Rock Ridge at Marv Heikkinen Field.
E&P Exclusives
To better understand the current level of collaboration between universities and public radio stations, CCN surveyed public radio stations in the summer of 2023, receiving 95 responses from stations in 38 states. There are 182 public radio station licenses associated with universities.
The 2024 class of 10 News Publishers That Do It Right is now E&P’s News Media’s 10 to Watch. They represent our industry with small-town publishers to large properties; monthly, weekly and daily publications; legacy print and digital publications; business, university and alternative publications — representing the breadth and depth of our industry. Each faced challenges and innovated to overcome them, and each has a story to tell — revenue, content, community service, engagement, business model or platform. We’re excited to highlight these 10 to Watch to give you energy and ideas.
Trust is a foundational element in news media, spanning decades and sometimes even centuries, especially concerning editorial concepts and community connectivity. However, regarding the revenue side of news media, trust is the linchpin for businesses deciding which advertising medium and sponsorship relationships to work closely with to help shape their narrative and value.
Industry News
Over the past several weeks, Charlotte Behrendt, a top Times editor in charge of probing workplace issues in the newsroom, has summoned close to 20 employees for interviews to determine whether staffers leaked confidential information related to Gaza war coverage to another media outlet.
Donald Trump on Friday urged his followers to support his social media app Truth Social, as its parent company’s stock continues to sink lower . Trump in a post on that app said he …
Simpson’s trial lured a nation to its TVs, launched a network, created enduring ethics case studies and led to numerous career breakouts.