1 year of E&P's "Photo of the Month"

"Juneteenth" E&P Photo of the Month for September, 2023

Candi Phillips of Rosenberg, Texas dressed as a slave during a Juneteenth ceremony hosted by Attack Poverty on Saturday, June 17th in North Rosenberg, Texas. She sang a song about change and changed out of her slave clothing and shackles into a graduation gown and then a doctor’s white lab coat — all possible, she says, thanks to God’s love. Phillips also had on display a large collection of authentic slave shackles, leg bracelets and chains, as well as original slave auction posters and newspaper clippings.

"MacBeth" E&P Photo of the Month for July/ August, 2023

The Duluth Denfeld (Minn.) High School Theatre Department performed MacBeth before a large audience on the lawn outside the school's front entrance. Howie Hanson, publisher, DuluthTimes.com, Duluth, Minnesota

"Fire in Richmond, Indiana" E&P Photo of the Month for June, 2023

Crews from multiple departments work to extinguish a fire at an industrial facility Tuesday, April 11, 2023 in Richmond, Indiana. The 14-acre site was used to store various kinds of plastic for recycling and resale. People who lived within a half-mile of the plant were told to evacuate and a large column of black smoke could be seen for miles. NICK GRAHAM/JOURNAL-NEWS

"Opening Day" E&P Photo of the Month, May 2023

General view of T-Mobile Park during the national anthem before an Opening Day game between the Cleveland Guardians and Seattle Mariners on March 30, 2023, in Seattle, Washington.

"Mardi Gras" E&P Photo of the Month for April 2023

The Boeuf Gras float turns onto Canal Street on Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans, Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023.
E&P Exclusives
Too often, the media focuses on the demise of newspapers and the expanding news deserts nationwide. It is certainly a transition of note, but another transition that deserves more coverage is the effort to recruit and train the next generation of journalists. How news is delivered is changing, but the journalist's role will remain critical to gathering, writing and providing editorial commentary about the news.
One of the dilemmas newsrooms face in the age of AI is whether and how to use generative AI technologies, and then how to create some structure and define ethics and policy around their use. The other dilemma is how to protect news publishers' interests through regulatory and fair-compensation advocacy.
In the wake of the Revolutionary War and the birth of the United States, founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison agreed that securing and growing a free press was essential to the country’s future. So in 1792, then-President George Washington signed into law a sweeping act that created the postal service and subsidized the delivery of newspapers. This lesson of government support of the news industry is extremely relevant today, as communities across the country continue to lose local news sources at an alarming rate.
Industry News
Eight additional legislators — on both sides of the aisle — have signed on as co-sponsors of the Community News & Small Business Support Act (HR 4756).
Generative artificial intelligence (AI) has dominated much of the public conversation about technology following the release of tools like ChatGPT and Jasper Chat. A MITRE-Harris Poll survey on AI trends, conducted in July, found that aspects of public trust in AI technologies have declined compared to its previous poll, which was conducted in November 2022.
Legal experts say it could be many months before case is brought to trial.