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New York Times bosses seek to quash rebellion in the newsroom

Over the past several weeks, Charlotte Behrendt, a top Times editor in charge of probing workplace issues in the newsroom, has summoned close to 20 employees for interviews to determine whether staffers leaked confidential information related to Gaza war coverage to another media outlet.

Trump tries to boost support for Truth Social as his media stock tanks

Donald Trump on Friday urged his followers to support his social media app Truth Social, as its parent company’s stock continues to sink lower . Trump in a post on that app said he …

Opinion | O.J. Simpson, whose murder trial reshaped the media, dies at 76

Simpson’s trial lured a nation to its TVs, launched a network, created enduring ethics case studies and led to numerous career breakouts.

How OJ Simpson’s ‘trial of the century’ opened the door to Trump’s presidency

It is not out of the question to wonder: Would Donald Trump have ever risen to political power and become president without Simpson?

Postal rates climb: But delivery is dragging

Newspaper publishers, including the mighty Gannett, have turned to the U.S. Postal Service to deliver their newspapers.  It may be a mistake.

NAB Leadership Foundation honors outstanding broadcasters with 2024 Celebration of Service to America Awards

The National Association of Broadcasters Leadership Foundation (NABLF) has announced the recipients of the 2024 Celebration of Service to America Awards, which recognize outstanding service to their communities by local television and radio stations. Winners will be honored at the awards ceremony on June 4 at The Anthem in Washington, D.C.

FCC’s Gomez to keynote Hispanic Radio Conference

The newest Commissioner on the FCC, and the first to issue official statements in both English and in Spanish, has agreed to deliver a Keynote address at the 2024 Hispanic Radio Conference, scheduled for June 12-13 in San Antonio.

Sometimes, local news just needs to know where to stop

Time- and staff-starved newsrooms often cling tightly to practices they’ve always had, impeding their ability to take on newer, more relevant projects. Here are some practices to question and some enterprises that might better replace them.

Q&A with local news propositions researcher, Volha Kananovich

What’s a recent research project you’ve done that has helped us understand the challenges facing local news?

NPR in turmoil after it is accused of liberal bias

An essay from an editor at the broadcaster has generated a firestorm of criticism about the network on social media, especially among conservatives.

Social video strategies for publishers: Data insights from Chartbeat

As news organizations face increased financial pressure, it’s become a mantra to be more “data driven” in business operations. But making good data-driven decisions depends upon getting good data. Social video presents one of those strategic challenges.

Covering clashes on campus as academic freedom challenges mount

Tenure, free speech and other tenets of academia are under attack. College journalists are well equipped to tell the story.

Mali’s junta bans the media from reporting on political activities in a deepening crackdown

In a deepening crackdown, Mali’s ruling junta on Thursday banned the media from reporting on activities of political parties and associations, a day after suspending all political activities in the country until further notice.

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The Los Angeles Times has announced promotions for Mariel Garza and Susan Brenneman in the Opinion Department. Garza will lead the Editorial Board as Editorials editor. Brenneman will be Op-Ed editor, leading the team producing the Op-Ed, Sunday Opinion and Books & Ideas pages.
Dahlia Haddad has joined The New York Times as an executive assistant and operations coordinator.
Jonah Smith and Christine Zhang are joining the team as graphics/multimedia editors.
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Medill will welcome journalists from around the world to discuss the challenges they face and the critical importance of their work at a symposium Saturday, April 27. The event will take place at Harris Hall on the Northwestern campus and is free and open to the public.
The Gill Foundation has partnered with Poynter’s Beat Academy to train local journalists to serve as accurate, authoritative voices.
Despite ethical concerns, nearly 70% of newsroom staffers recruited for an Associated Press survey say they’re using generative AI to create content.
The layoffs, which came after months of cuts, impacted the social media and video desks.
"In a difficult year for journalism, the winners of the 2023 IRE Awards give us hope,” said Lily Jamali, chair of the IRE Awards contest committee.
The Ankler has launched a new newsletter, Reel AI, to take a clear-eyed look at AI’s impact on work in Hollywood in a dedicated exploration of its practical applications, good and bad. 
Speculation has swirled in the political world about whether the presumptive candidates will agree to the traditional face-to-face events, a campaign staple since 1976.
America’s Newspapers has endorsed the New York Local Journalism Sustainability Act. In a statement released Tuesday, April 9, the association said: "We applaud the New York State Senate for including this important tax credit for local news organizations in its one-house budget, and we call on NY Governor Hochul, the NY Senate, and the NY Assembly, to include the NY Local Journalism Sustainability Act in the state’s FY'25 budget."
"The question presented at this hearing is narrow at first glance. Simply, 'how much human needs to be involved for a creation to warrant intellectual property protection?' When we discuss generative AI, it is often in terms of broader controversies, including ingestion, practical application, and the replication of human works and styles. But discussions like the ones this subcommittee is embarking on today can launch us in entirely unique, unexplored directions." — Ranking Member Jerrold Nadler (D-New York)
Each year as part of NewsMatch, nonprofit newsrooms secure individual donations from Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, and a coalition of national and regional funders — 17 in 2023 — partially matches those gifts. Data from NewsMatch 2023, the most recent campaign, indicates that participating news organizations saw strong performance among individual donors as well as local matches, raising more than $47 million in gifts large and small during the last two months of the year.
Top editors at NPR are defending the outlet’s journalism after a scathing op-ed from a former employee who argues the public broadcaster has lost its way.
More than 350 jobs to go after Warner Bros. Discovery closes all its Newshub news operations and TVNZ cuts programs and bulletins.
Decision to set-up independent Collective Newsroom comes after BBC offices in Delhi and Mumbai were raided by tax authorities in 2023.
Andrew Kraft, former president and chief operating officer of The Arena Group, has filed a lawsuit alleging that he was improperly discharged by the company and is owed $2 million. 
Two tribal nations are accusing social media companies of contributing to the disproportionately high rates of suicide among Native American youth.
At its core, the electorate is a hiring committee for public servants. Yet very few of the best practices for hiring are followed in the process.
The Associated Press has announced a new collaboration with Google Cloud, making select historical data from U.S. elections available in Google Cloud’s BigQuery, giving financial institutions the ability to gain granular insights from AP’s gold-standard election results. 
LNP Media Group, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has reached an agreement with SCS to install the Community Advertising System (CAS).
This week, the News/Media Alliance released the results of a first of its kind public opinion survey on artificial intelligence and its implications on society, intellectual property rights and the need for regulatory oversight.
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In a strategic move aimed at optimizing its public notice services, Wick Communications, a third-generation family-owned and operated media corporation, has embraced Column’s latest professional service offering — Column Pro. This shift has reallocated staff resources, cost savings, and increased operational stability. “Column is great about attending to the details, such as keeping our newspaper logos on the invoices. Their team works with us to ensure our long-standing clients understand that Column is our newspaper partner — that we’re all working together," stated Manuel Coppola of Wick Communications.
In 2023, Amsterdam News partnered with Column to streamline its legals. Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, the President and Chief Revenue Officer of Amsterdam News in New York, NY, highlighted three stand-out reasons why their choice to go with Column has paid off. The three most impactful payment features that Column offers are payment alerts, invoice reminders, and the option for prepayment. Read about the solutions.
The National Press Institute for Audience Growth (NPIAG) along with Kelly Robinson, CEO of RedDot announced today they have partnered with Julian Placino, a professional recruiting consultant, to offer an innovative, cost-effective method, known as the Placino Carrier Recruitment Method, to identify, interview, qualify and contract newspaper carriers for any size market.
On September 7th, 2023, a group of media leaders gathered online to present their views on the future of news publishing. You are invited to now join the Summit, via a recorded video for each presentation. And please feel free to comment and contribute by logging in below and offering your thoughts.