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Philippine Court allows Maria Ressa to attend Nobel Peace Prize ceremony

The decision came after days of growing international pressure on the government to allow the journalist to attend the ceremony in Norway.

BuzzFeed News Union members stage walkout as shareholders vote to take the company public

The walkout comes after nearly two years of contract negotiations.

Lee Enterprises announces that director nomination notice from Alden is invalid

Lee Enterprises, Incorporated announced that the notice submitted by Alden Global Capital, LLC, which purported to nominate three candidates to stand for election to Lee’s board of directors at the company’s 2022 Annual Meeting, is invalid.

Federal court blocks Texas law banning ‘viewpoint discrimination’ on social media

"Social media platforms have a First Amendment right to moderate," wrote the judge.

Missouri officials planned to thank Post-Dispatch before threatening newspaper, emails show

“We are grateful to the member of the media who brought this to the state’s attention,” said a proposed quote from Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven.

Depth and breadth: How news organizations navigate trade-offs around building trust in news

All media face trade-offs when considering how to deploy scarce resources most effectively, and many grappled openly with identifying which audiences to target for trust-building initiatives and why.

Making your mark: Tips for up-and-coming investigative journalists

GIJN spoke to six young reporters from around the world asking them how they got their break in the profession and what advice they would give to those starting out.

Pluralis: a non-partisan investment vehicle for independent media launched

Joint initiative of MDIF, King Baudouin Foundation, Tinius Trust and Mediahuis aims to safeguard media pluralism in Europe.

Helping readers make sense of digital news

On Twitter, when you share a five-year-old story from The Guardian, two interesting things happen. First, at the bottom of the included image, an overlaid tag declares the story is “from 2016.” And second, in some cases, next to the tag is a section name, “Opinions.”

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More than 300 print and digital publications serve the federally recognized Indigenous nations in the United States. Most of the tribal news organizations — an estimated 72% of newspapers, news sites and radio stations — are owned or funded to some degree by tribal governments. That gives those governments unusual control over local news media.
In this 113th episode of “E&P Reports, Alan Leveritt publisher of the Arkansas Times and ACLU Senior Staff Attorney Brian Hauss talk about a two year battle, that has gained international prominence, between the Times and the state of Arkansas, on the newspapers’ refusal to sign a pledge to support Israel in order to continue receiving advertising dollars from the state university. Also, on the program appears award winning film producer Julia Bacha, who has just completed a documentary on the impact of state legislation designed to penalize individuals and companies that choose to boycott Israel due to its human rights record.
Newspapers have many opportunities to deliver an audience to political advertising campaigns. First, however, they need a better understanding of how the mechanics of political ad spending work, which types of campaigns will benefit from newspaper advertising and how to study demographic insights in context.
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“Some say the world will end in fire,” wrote the poet Robert Frost — and for much of 2021, Associated Press photographers captured scenes of a world ablaze, amid rumblings of ruin.
After 69 years with the Johnson family, Johnson Publications, Inc. has new owners. Brothers Jesse and Lloyd Mullen — doing business as High Plains News North LLC — have purchased The Holyoke Enterprise, The Imperial Republican and The Grant Tribune-Sentinel.
Nearly 75% of Canadian newsrooms are made up of white journalists, and 80% of newsrooms have no Black or Indigenous journalists on staff.
A look around the internet suggests the FTC hasn’t scared news orgs into immediately changing the options they offer online.
Baltimore Sun Media is considering a plan to move the printing of its newspapers from Baltimore to a printing plant in Wilmington, Delaware, owned by the newspaper there.
Cox Enterprises was recently selected as one of the Top 50 Corporations for Inclusion by the National Business Inclusion Consortium (NBIC).
Feedback from a small group of freelance Philadelphia-based photographers center on pay rates, contracts and user experience.
With the acquisition, Ogden Newspapers will publish 54 daily newspapers and a number of weekly newspapers and magazines in 18 states.
On Monday, Nov. 29, Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11), along with his colleagues Congressman Ed Perlmutter (CO-07), Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08), and Congressman David Cicilline (RI-01) introduced two pieces of legislation aimed at supporting and protecting local journalism, and honoring its role in bolstering our democracy, holding government accountable, and informing the electorate.
Every member of the Wirecutter Union will be eligible to receive overtime pay from union organizers for the hours they missed working overtime during the union's Black Friday holiday strike, thanks to an outpouring of donations to support the union's walkout.
Starting in January 2022, 16 state news agencies in the European Union will band together to create a “European Newsroom” to cover EU-wide issues.
Unless you are a data journalism specialist, you might do well to seek sources, experts and collaborators to guide you through the data.
The policy doesn't apply to public figures for the most part, but there are exceptions.
I asked four journalists who write about immigration, sexual assault and incarceration to consider the question: When we ask people to share their most intimate experiences, what do we owe them in return?
The winners of the 2021 Digital Media Awards Worldwide demonstrate that successful news publishers understand their audiences expect excellence at every level: engaging storytelling, powerful images and purposeful design that combine to add insight and meaning to consumers’ lives. Likewise, the most effective services and campaigns are highly focused on the needs of users.
“There is simply no reason for police to be arresting and detaining journalists in the United States, but the fact that 56 such incidents were documented in 2021 suggests the problem has become deeply entrenched,” said Joel Simon, executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists.
Elle Smith, who works as a multimedia journalist with Louisville ABC affiliate WHAS11, is the new Miss USA.
By 2020, out of the 3,000-plus U.S. counties, half had just one local print newspaper of any kind. Only a third had a daily newspaper. Over 200 counties had no newspaper whatsoever. This trend in local news has been life-changing, of course, for the employees who lose their jobs and incomes. But even more concerning is what happens to the communities they used to serve — and, more broadly, what happens to our society and our ability to self-govern when local news dries up.
Alden previously gained seats on the board of Tribune Publishing as part of its strategy for acquiring control of that company.
"It is a pity that market analysts are not really covering Lee. Hence, we don't have a lot of information about Lee's future revenue. With that, I don't think that we need a lot of forecasts because the company's revenue line appears quite stable."