1 year of E&P's "Photo of the Month"

Dolphins at play - June 2022 Edition

A group of dolphins put on a show for observers from both Venice’s Jetty Jack’s on the South Jetty and viewers from the North Jetty. (Joseph John Orchulli II, Photographer, Venice Gondolier, Venice, FL)

Clara - May 2022 Edition

Three-year-old Clara McDonald of Hinsdale, IL attends a vigil with her mother and sister in support of the people of Ukraine at Wilder Park in Elmhurst, IL on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. The event was organized by the city of Elmhurst, Elmhurst District 205, Elmhurst Park District, Elmhurst Public Library and Elmhurst University. (Sandy Bressner, Weeklies Photographer and Photo Editor, Kane County Chronicle and Suburban Life Media, Shaw Local News Network)

Glacier Point - April 2022 Edition

Shown is a view from Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, one of the most popular destinations for both visitors and locals alike in the world-renowned park located in Central California. The prominent feature in the photo is Half Dome, one of the most iconic rock formations in the world, located at 7,214 feet of elevation. One of the most popular hiking destinations in Yosemite is to Glacier Point via the Four Mile Trail. (Greg Little, editor and co-owner, Mariposa Gazette, Mariposa, California)

VICTORY! - March 2022 Edition

Players from Lakewood Ranch High School in Lakewood Ranch, FL celebrate Lakewood Ranch High’s first softball state championship at home plate. Cassidy McLellan (3) ended the game with a three-run triple in the sixth inning for the final of 14-4 over Park Vista High May 22, 2021 at Legends Way Ballfields in Clermont, FL. The game ended due to the 10-run rule. (Ryan Kohn, Sportswriter, East County Observer, Lakewood Ranch/Sarasota, FL)

A Winter Wonderland - February 2022 Edition

A winter wonderland greeted all who took in this view from North Street in Wells, Vermont on November 28, 2021. Freezing temperatures kept the tree branches flocked with fluffy snow. (Jane Cosey, Production Manager, Lakes Region FreePress, NYVT Media, Granville, NY)
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As a medium, video has the inherent power to tell a story in an imaginative and captivating way. But video can also be a source of revenue for news organizations. Adams Publishing Group did precisely that, leveraging the talent and resources already within the organization’s agency to create marketing videos for clients who may or not be advertisers with their news titles.
“We’re holding up a mirror to see how officers treat their own and what that means for the community when police victimize their fellow men and women in blue,” Samantha Max explains to listeners in “Behind the Blue Wall,” which earned the journalist the WBUR 2021 Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize. E&P spoke with Max after the award was announced to learn about her professional path in journalism and her award-winning work.
Sales by nature is challenging, fun, varying, fulfilling and sporadic, but it can sometimes become relatively routine. Media sales has seasons, and it’s essential to slow down and take time away from that routine. Take time to appreciate what you’ve accomplished and reenergize your thought patterns to reinvent or enhance your business development strategies and departmental approach.
Industry News
The news came as no surprise, but it was nevertheless emotionally overwhelming, incredibly impactful and expectedly divisive.
Covering a complex topic that spans laws, beliefs and lived experience requires nuance and context.
As laws in the United States continue to undergo massive change, one in particular — the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which transfers the right to abortion from federal to state governments — may prompt people to move away from Google and Bing as they rethink privacy.