1 year of E&P's "Photo of the Month"

"Sunset" E&P Photo of the Month for June 2024

The sunset photo on April 14, 2024 at Silver Beach in St. Joseph, Michigan was a colorful display.

"Texas Storm" E&P Photo of the Month for May 2024

Being there at the right time and right place?  Photographer Douglas Kirk was on a three-story tower in September 2013 looking out across the Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio when this weather system turned into a beast.

"Wolf Moon" E&P Photo of the Month for April 2024

The January full moon, also known as the Wolf Moon, rises over the bison at Kendrick Park in Sheridan, Wyoming on Jan.24, 2024.

"Fire in Beeville" E&P Photo of the Month for March 2024

A lone volunteer fireman battles an early morning blaze in October 2023.

"Morning in Elko." E&P Photo of the Month for February, 2024

The Ruby View Golf Course was covered in a thick blanket of snow on January 11, 2024. The golf course in Elko made for an interesting morning walk following a snowstorm. Trees, signs and even flags peek above the snow, and some signs of life, like paw prints, let those walking by know they were not alone. The National Weather Service said there was a chance of rain or snow expected later in the week.
E&P Exclusives
The Guardian knows that the secret sauce to building revenue and trust is tied to the amount of time readers spend on stories, and it's using that data to identify a list of stories other readers have found worth reading past the first few paragraphs. As a result, the news organization has added a “Deeply read” headline list to its website, a sibling to its “Most viewed” list.
The landscape of local television is undergoing a seismic shift, driven by technological advancements and changing viewer behaviors. As cable and satellite subscriptions continue to decline, local news stations face consolidation, network affiliate programming transforms, and new opportunities emerge for innovative content delivery. These trends not only challenge traditional broadcasting models but also open up avenues for news publishers to reimagine their roles in serving local communities. E&P's Guy Tasaka explores four key predictions that outline the future of local TV and strategies for thriving amidst this disruption.
This year, ProPublica added another Pulitzer Prize — its seventh — to its impressive and long list of journalism awards. A model for nonprofit accountability journalism, ProPublica is approaching its 20th anniversary in 2027. Its model has been so successful that it has enabled the organization to create a generous rather than isolated and proprietary culture.
Industry News
Mauricio Garcia had the same name as a mass shooter who killed eight and wounded seven in 2023, and sued multiple media outlets that he said falsely identified him as the shooter. Garcia has dropped …
Robert Winnett, hired by Washington Post publisher William Lewis, faced questions about his U.K. work, including stories based on stolen records.
Aggregate data from 47 countries shows all the growth in platform news use coming from video or video-led networks.