About Us

Founded in 1884, Wikipedia describes E&P as the “bible of the newspaper industry.” Today E&P’s monthly print and digital audience of over 170,000, reaches twice as many as any other industry trade publication or website, with three-quarters of readership describing themselves as in a “management position” within their organization. E&P covers all aspects of the news publishing industry, including business, newsroom, advertising, circulation, marketing, technology, audience development, digital publishing diversity & equity challenges and more.

E&P’s yearly EPPY Awards® are considered the news publishing industry’s most prestigious honor for excellence in digital publishing. CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Newmark Graduate School of Journalism are just a few of the news organizations recently recognized with an “EPPY.”

E&P is now owned and managed by the Curated Experiences Group, with Mike Blinder as the publisher. Blinder is a well-known newspaper industry consultant, author of “Survival Selling,” has won numerous media awards, is past president and board member for several media/marketing associations and has been a sought-after speaker at conferences around the world.