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Build your audience by building your community

Media companies must understand that growing audience is a job for the entire company. While we should expect our audience teams to sell, service, retain and grow the business, none of this works sustainably without a great product that goes far beyond the minimum expectations of our customers. 

New Southern California Media Network offers advertisers 1.7 million engaged readers

Five hyper-local independent newspaper media groups combine to offer advertisers engaged print, online and social media audiences across 19 established brands.
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Announcing the marriage of print and public media in Chicago

There is a sudden swell of optimism about the state of journalism in Chicago, where local journalists are about to answer a question I posed on these pages several years ago: Why can’t newspapers create a business model similar to public radio stations?
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ThinkNewsBrands, a cooperative of Australian publishers, has studied advertising effectiveness across media platforms — in its “Benchmark and Payback Series.” In August, the group released a new installment in the series, The Social Chapter, which looked at key indicators and ad metrics. In August, the group released a new installment in the series, The Social Chapter, which looked at key indicators and ad metrics, such as short-term and long-term memory recall, and “brand lift” —
Recently, America’s Newspapers encouraged a “Shop Local, Eat Local, Read Local” campaign. The topic of supporting local spending has never been timelier and more critical. Never has our locally-owned and operated business base been under more pressure. As this pressure continues to mount, so will the pressure on the local news media companies as well. 
In a digital age where news is preserved online, newsrooms are facing increasing pressure to “unpublish.” To help newsrooms address the matter, Deborah Dwyer, a Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) fellow and a doctoral candidate in the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, created Unpublishing the News...
Audio is a platform unlike any other, in that it closes the distance—physically and cognitively—between the listener and host and guests. In conversations with people who podcast, you’ll hear the word “intimate” used a lot to describe the relationship between listener and the voices emanating from their earbuds.
The time has come to expand our footprint outside of traditional journalism and information realm and into a total market is our playground approach. Providing non-journalism and informational products is a must.
Lee Enterprises, Inc. has launched a new food-focused digital magazine called Feast and Field, which explores farming, food production, culinary history, and cooking. Found at, the product is the latest expansion of Feast Magazine, which launched in 2010...
When asked what the most critical component of their business model is, I believe most news media executives will indicate that their audience is what sets them apart. That makes perfect sense as our audience is the foundation upon which all other aspects such as advertising (both traditional and digital), editorial, events and so forth rest upon...
Recently, I was reminiscing about a question I heard years ago at an industry event by a media executive who was inquiring about how one would purchase a small or mid-sized newspaper. Media analyst and speaker Jim Chisholm said without hesitation, “Just buy a large metro newspaper and wait a few years.” He probably didn’t understand just how prophetic he was at the time.
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This year's class of 10 News Publishers That Do It Right is an excellent representation of small-town communities to large city properties; monthly, weekly, and daily print properties; and traditional print, digital news, business and alternative publishers — representing the breadth and depth of our industry.
There are more than 30 million hearing-impaired persons in the U.S. who can’t be part of the growing podcast audience. The pioneering transcript format used by the Vox Creative team is more visual. It shares more of the emotions and feelings of a podcast to create an experience more inclusive for the deaf and hard-of-hearing audience.
The Cleveland Jewish Publication Company, publisher of the Cleveland Jewish News, announced Dec. 21 that it has reached an agreement with the Jewish Community Board of Akron to publish a new Akron Jewish News, a monthly newspaper to serve the Akron Jewish community.
Yasir Khan, editor-in-chief at Thomson Reuters Foundation, shared audience engagement lessons learned across two decades of working with publishers ranging from Al Jazeera to CBC to Thomson Reuters Foundation.
The report, free to download, is an essential read for publishers beginning the long road to recovery from the pandemic.
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