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Embracing digital advertising through an 'aha' moment


The journey into selling digital advertising has presented challenges and opportunities for publishers and print salespeople. We’ll dive into the experiences of one publisher who found their footing in the digital landscape through a simple “aha” moment.

 The 'Aha' Moment

This publisher entered the digital advertising world because of a simple statement from their client: “You’re not selling what we’re buying.”  Southern Newspapers began interviewing several companies and realized they would become “another client.”

Enter AdCellerant. Southern Newspapers saw it as a true partnership to help their salespeople wrap their minds around understanding the digital landscape and identify the role digital is playing in client and prospects’ advertising activities.

 Onward and Upwards!

This publisher has effectively doubled and tripled its revenue  in the digital space. Success with this newspaper team stemmed from regular educational meetings with AdCellerant teams.

There was personal engagement by the AdCellerant team, and it continues to prove valuable.

Ready to find your “Aha” Moment? AdCellerant can help. Reach out to us to schedule a no-strings-attached demo today!


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