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How the Montgomery Advertiser is building trust and growing audiences in Alabama’s rural communities

Here’s an idea to steal and adapt: Build trusted relationships with people who have lived without local news sources for years, by showing up for these communities, listening to them and delivering the content they most want. Make sure the coverage is for these communities, not simply about them.

Major broadcasters launch NextGen TV on four local television stations in Rochester, NY

The leading television stations serving the Rochester television market have began broadcasting with NextGen TV, a revolutionary new digital broadcast technology. The launch includes WHAM-TV (ABC), WROC-TV (CBS), WUHF (Fox) and WXXI-TV (PBS).

FTC proposal would require newspapers to accept online cancellations

The Federal Trade Commission on Thursday proposed that companies should be required to allow consumers to easily cancel paid subscriptions.

NPR cancels 4 podcasts amid major layoffs

NPR moved this week to cut 10 percent of its staff and stop production of a trio of acclaimed seasonal podcasts.

Why journalism schools won’t quit Fox News

In interviews for this story, the harshest position against Fox News among journalism deans seemed to be a sort of double-secret probation.

A startup is raiding the New York Post

There’s an old-fashioned rivalry brewing between New York’s most notorious tabloid and the media startup founded by the former proprietor of The Hill and the Hollywood Reporter.

CNN announces Sunday evening show 'The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper'

CNN has announced a new addition to the network’s Sunday primetime lineup, "The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper," a collection of unique and immersive single subject, one-hour episodes from CNN’s Emmy®  and Peabody Award-winning longform storytelling team.

The New York Times: Updating our COVID data project

After more than three years of daily reporting on the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in every county in the United States, The New York Times is ending its COVID data gathering operation.

Trump arrested? Putin jailed? Fake AI images spread online

Misinformation experts warn the images are harbingers of a new reality: waves of fake photos and videos flooding social media after major news events and further muddying fact and fiction at crucial times for society.

AP Stylebook expands climate change guidance, adds plus symbol to LGBTQ+

Reporters should be skeptical of companies that say they are "green" but cannot provide details to support their claim.

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Today's News People
Leroy Chapman Jr. has been named editor in chief of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, succeeding longtime Editor Kevin Riley, who announced his retirement Thursday.
In her new role, Rachel Kay will be Hearst’s most senior human resources executive, leading companywide strategy, programs and human capital management support, while maintaining a longstanding tradition of local oversight of the majority of human resource decision-making.
Francesca Barber will be joining POLITICO this spring in a newly created position: executive director, global newsroom strategy.
In his role as a social media editor, Rushard Anderson will play a key role in programming The Washington Post's main accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Telegram.
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The CEO of TikTok made a rare public appearance Thursday before a U.S. Congressional committee, where he faced a grilling on data security and user safety while he makes his own case for why the hugely popular video-sharing app shouldn’t be banned.
Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric M. Davis made the comment in court Wednesday, though he didn’t issue a ruling.
Ahead of President Biden’s meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the News/Media Alliance is calling on the president to defend local journalism from Big Tech giants seeking to undermine efforts in Canada and the United States that would help save high-quality journalism.
The Batavia (New York) Daily News and its sister publication the Livingston County News have been purchased by the Sample News Group.
The Messenger, which aims to “rekindle your passion for media” and generate $100 million in revenue in its first year, is acquiring Grid.
Lawyers for the company, which faces a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit, are pushing for a judge to rule in their favor before a trial.
Workers are planning walkouts at Hearst offices this Thursday to protest the inability to finalize a first contract. Negotiations are scheduled to end on March 28, with one session left.
A California man was arrested Tuesday for allegedly threatening to kill a journalist who was trying to report on his organization, the Justice Department said.
The U.S. government's threat to ban TikTok takes aim at what has become the most popular smartphone app in the country.
“The Amplifier” is a new subscriber-only newsletter from The New York Times geared toward readers who want a personal approach to music discovery.
For some time now, Boston Globe insiders have known that the Globe opinion section was going to cease co-publishing The Emancipator, a digital publication on racial justice. Now the Globe is making it official: Boston University’s Center for Antiracist Research will continue to publish The Emancipator without the Globe’s involvement.
Maya Gosztyla, a Ph.D. candidate in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program at the University of California San Diego, provides an overview of literature mapping tools, RSS feeds, research management software and databases to help journalists organize their research.
Here are 7 neglected newsroom practices that still matter and might have made a difference.
How can you better convert visitors into paying subscribers? Registration is an essential middle step.
"I love seeing good, local stories and the joy it brings to people's lives to know what is happening in their backyard." — Mike Green, local investor
As press freedoms around the globe erode, journalists are building networks outside their home countries to continue reporting.
"DEI is hard. It should be about opportunities and about access. Access is helping some get through the door one way, and others in through a different entry point. Access needs to be a multipronged approach." — Yvette Miley, executive vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion for the NBCU News Group
Lawyers for Fox News and voting equipment company Dominion will face off in a Delaware courtroom on Tuesday in the latest phase of Dominion’s closely watched $1.6bn defamation suit against the media company for spreading election lies.
Last Oct. 18, Rolling Stone served up a foreboding scoop: The FBI had raided the home of a renowned journalist at the top of his game months earlier, and he had disappeared from public view. It should have been a coup. Instead, acrimony inside the newsroom over how that scoop was edited led to accusations that the magazine's brash leader pulled punches in overseeing coverage of someone he knew.
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The challenges are many when launching a new local, nonprofit news outlet, especially in the current newspaper industry climate. Deciding to be a digital-only news source with a hard registration wall meant the Springfield (Missouri) Daily Citizen had to rely heavily on various technologies to manage email registration and subscriptions. BlueLena's intimate knowledge of subscription best practices allowed the paper to rapidly evolve its products toward launch.
Each year Editor & Publisher Magazine (E&P) and the Local Media Consortium (LMC) recognize companies that have done the impossible through successful innovation, implementing cost savings or developing new programs that have generated considerable increases in revenue or audience.
We need your help in recognizing the next generation of news publishing leaders,. We’re talking about people who are young, bright, and capable of tackling whatever the changing news media climate throws at them. Please help us by nominating a news publishing up-and-comer (or yourself) for our “25 Under 35” feature story that will appear in our February 2023 issue.
It's going to be a rough year for local advertising in 2023. Borrell is forecasting that growth will be at a near-standstill, held back by a combination of economic pressures and a dramatic reshaping of the type of businesses now operating in each market. Borrell will unveil its forecasts and describe the change in business composition during a 45-minute webinar at 11 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, Nov. 17. The webinar is free.
Mediahuis, an international media group with a range of powerful brands and activities in many European countries and Ireland's leading print and digital media publisher, reaches millions …