Ryan Dohrn on selling in a post-covid marketplace and why he is “all in” on Niche Media


Ryan Dohrn is a motivational speaker, won an Emmy for sales & marketing, has been recognized by Forbes.com with the “Best of the Web” award for his business strategies and is considered one of the top media sales trainers in the world today.

Since 2008, Dohrn’s Brain Swell Media consulting company has helped over 200 media companies find new revenue through innovative sales strategies and his unique ad sales training.

Today, Dohrn is also the owner and CEO of Niche Media, an organization that claims its "ethos" is centered around creating events that bring together like-minded media pros to help drive revenue through niche publishing. Hundreds gather at the yearly Niche Media Conference to attend programs focusing on revenue generation, sales training, audience growth, and emerging media trends.

In this 176th episode of "E&P Reports," we go one-on-one with multimedia sales guru Ryan Dohrn to gain new ideas he shares on how news publishers can grow top-line revenue in the ever-increasing turbulence in a post-covid market. He offers innovative insights into how any media sales rep can build essential relationships with new advertisers in a very competitive media ecosystem. Dohrn also provides a sneak peek into what will be presented at the April 2023 Niche Media Conference in New Orleans and why any media company today should be "all in" on creating niche media products.


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