Ryan Dohrn’s “ad sales punch list” to maximize revenue into 2024.


Ryan Dohrn is an Emmy award-winning, globally recognized media revenue consultant who has worked with hundreds of media companies, trained over 30,000 ad sales reps, and, through his proven sales training methods, has helped create over half a billion dollars in new sales and event sponsorship.

Holding a Psychology of Leadership Certification from Cornell University, Dohrn’s resume includes time in promotions and sales at The NY Times Company, Disney, Cumulus, Citadel Comm, Vance Publishing, Morris Publishing, and PennWell. 

His latest best-selling book, "Selling Forward," offers proven sales advice and methods to reinvent a company’s approach when “selling to emotionally drained, inbox-dazed, virtual meeting-bored, sales-resistant customers in a post-pandemic fatigued business world.”

Dhorn is also the president/founder of Brain Swell Media, a boutique revenue strategy, sales training, and coaching firm. Plus, he is the owner/CEO of Niche Media, an organization that hosts events focused on helping publishers generate more multimedia revenue.

E&P's publisher, Mike Blinder, is no novice when it comes to media ad sales as well, having spent 20+ years as a sales consultant, trainer and revenue generator for media companies worldwide. Blinder has helped generate over $100 million in new, local multimedia ad revenue through his own proven sales methods.

In this episode of “E&P Reports,” sales consultant, coach, and trainer Ryan Dohrn talks one-on-one with E&P's Mike Blinder, offering actionable, real-world advice on maximizing ad sales in 2024. Topics covered in this fast-paced, idea-driven interview include better prospecting for new business, how to find and retain quality sales talent and the best qualities and methods of leadership in today's competitive, ever-changing local media sales ecosystem.



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