Media sales icon Chris Lytle shares tried and true insights that still apply today.


Chris Lytle, best-selling author of "The Accidental Salesperson" and "The Accidental Sales Manager," walked into an am radio station in 1972 with a political science degree, hoping to secure a news reporting job. The manager stated that the newsroom was full and offered Chris a sales job, which he accepted. That changed the course of his career forever.

Ten years later, after mastering the art of media sales, he started his own consulting business, Instant Sales Training. It has helped thousands of reps excel and hundreds of media companies grow their top-line revenues through decades of industry change and disruption.

Chris states on his website that he has a mission to "make successful people and companies even more successful." He advises you to "choose to become an expert. Become known for what you know and not just what you sell, and watch your sales, customer retention and referrals go through the roof." 

After conducting more than 2200 seminars throughout the English-speaking world through the decades, Chris is still a sought-after speaker, trainer and consultant who continues to produce weekly sales training materials accessed by thousands online.

In this episode of "E&P Reports," we go one-on-one with media sales training icon Chris Lytle, who advises on the traits, abilities and techniques that will continue to help produce winning salespeople and sales teams, within any media company. Chris also comments on how today's media consolidation has helped move the local sales process from a winning consultive approach to a reversal back to "commodity selling."



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