A Dilemma For Travel Editors p. 7

By: david astor

THE DESTINATION FOR many travel editors? Somewhere between a rock and a hard place.
An informal survey of travel editors revealed that many are struggling with inadequate budgets. At the same time, a number of these editors can't allow their often-underpaid writers to take subsidized trips.
The result is a "dysfunction between available resources and ethics policy," observed Jack Schnedler, who conducted the survey in preparation for a travel section workshop at the recent American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors convention in San Antonio. Twenty-eight people responded to the poll.
Schnedler, a former Chicago Sun-Times travel editor who is now assistant managing editor/features at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, added, "The inadequacy of resources allotted to travel sections is little short of shocking and appalling at many papers that easily can afford to do better.


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