A First at 'NYT'? Blog Comments Lead Coverage of Bridge Collapse on the Web

By: E&P Staff It might turn out to be the day blogging, and the truly new media, finally commanded The New York Times site -- at least for awhile.

After hours of fairly traditional coverage of the tragic bridge collapse in Minnesota -- text story and news photo at the top of the home page -- the editors went to something quite different, and possibly a first for the site. By mid-afternoon a comment from one of the paper's blogs led the page, changed every hour or so, and it came under an aerial photo of the bridge that offered the option of five views and background on "structural" details. Then the heading: "Latest Updates from the Lede Blog."

This was nothing particularly new, except for the placement -- at the very top of the home page.

The reader comment featured this evening came from Kenneth Ranson: ?As a constuction professional I can assure you that major structures can last indefinitely if adequately maintained.?

Also part of the picture: the now expected videos, audio, photo galleries and links to other stories.


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