A New Book Follows A 50+ Year Career of Community Journalism and Why it Must Survive

Meet Greg Little author of "- 30 -"


Greg Little has been a journalist since his first efforts at a small newspaper while he attended junior high school. His career has spanned five decades, winning awards for reporting that helped an Indian reservation in Montana stop violent crime to stop illegal dumping of sewage sludge in Tennessee. He has worked for large companies and family owners and spent time teaching journalism. Today, he currently lives in Mariposa, California, with his wife, Nicole, owning the Mariposa Gazette, the oldest continually published weekly newspaper in California.

Greg recently published a book called “-30- Why Small-Town American Print Journalism is Anything But Dead,” a book he describes as an “outline on how the road of journalism can sometimes be bumpy. But along the way, the business of small-town journalism can also be rewarding.” The book also speaks to why local journalism is so important in America and why it must survive. Little gives real-world advice to up-and-coming journalists on how they can pursue a rewarding career that can make an enormous difference in the communities they serve.

In this episode of “E&P Reports,” Publisher Mike Blinder speaks with Greg Little about why he wrote the book, his opinions on the future of community journalism, and what advice he would give any budding journalist who wishes to enter the industry.

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