ABD II: Even More Effective and Energy Efficient

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During World Publishing Expo 2013 in Berlin (7 – 9 October) Q.I. Press Controls will again show its innovative character. Drupa 2012 was the occasion to introduce the successor of their color and cut-off register control solution; mRC-3D. Q.I. Press Controls will use World Publishing Expo to introduce their newest innovation regarding fan-out control; ABD II.

Q.I. Press Controls’ Research & Development team focuses on priorities as improved/optimized functionality, sustainability and reduction of exploitation costs. With these priorities in mind, the team looked at the air use of the ABD I and the effects of it. If you add up the costs of compressed air, every liter of air that can be saved, results in saving hundreds of Euros in a three-shift system! This was a good enough reason to realize a substantial reduction factor.  

On wider and faster rotation presses, the effects of a vibrating or fluttering paper web in between printing units are bigger than before. How strong this effect is, is determined by the speed of the press, weight of the paper, printing ink and rubber cloth. These factors also influence how the ABD fan-out register system works. The nozzle top of the ABD II has been completely redesigned. The nozzle hole – where the compressed air comes out perpendicular – is now a chamber with a mushroom stopper at the end. There is a microscopic split in between the mushroom edge and the nozzle chamber. Seen from above, it is ring-shaped. With the air pressure more than halved, a much smaller amount of air can now achieve a protective ring of air, with an exit speed of Mach 1, against the lower side of the paper web! This is unbelievably fast and results in an extremely stable and powerful air cushion and corresponding lifting effect underneath the paper web. Pilot tests have shown that the larger contact area with the paper web makes the ABD II resistant to vibrating and fluttering of the paper web.

Facts and figures  
The reinvented ABD II will be officially launched at the WAN-IFRA Publishing Expo Berlin (October 7-9, 2013). Demonstration nozzles will clarify the launch. The advantages of the ABD II:
  • Completely contact free compensation of the fan-out register.
  • Both fully automated fan-out regulation for all versions of the Q.I. Press Controls’ register systems and manual control via the air pressure desk.
  • Minimum air requirements to stabilize the paper web.
  • Fan-out register compensation with an accuracy of +/- 0.01mm.
  • Press operators and end products are faced with less adverse effects of a vibrating and/or fluttering paper web, because the ABD II offers an extremely stabile air cushion effect.
  • The ABD II can be used instead of and/or in combination with the ABD I.
  • The ABD II can be used in the same physical construction environment on/in the rotation press as the ABD I.
  • No more paper tears because of fan-out problems.
  • Completely maintenance-free.

Successful introduction mRC-3D; Update
Since its introduction during Drupa 2013 the mRC-3D has received a warm welcome in the market proven by its global sale since amongst which to BDU (The Netherlands), Verlag M. DuMont Schauberg (Germany), Columbus Dispatch (USA), Fairfax Media (Australia), Kroonpress (Estonia), Gráfica Eldorado (Brazil), Pressehaus Stade (Germany).
One of the first investors BDU, contract printer for around 70 newspaper titles every week, including some dailies, is very enthusiastic about the results they achieved. Hans Daniëls, manager of BDU’s printing business: “We had good reason to go for the Q.I. Press Controls mRC-3D; the technological references were very convincing! Especially the fact that the detection camera foil is completely and automatically replaced when it gets contaminated, was a deciding factor. It is an almost maintenance-free system, which greatly reduces the set-up times and waste; which is important for our small print runs! Our printing crew is very lean. Subsystems should not demand any of their time and attention. Quick, reliable and maintenance-free: those are important factors for us. And that is what the mRC-3D can deliver,’ concludes Daniëls about why this was the obvious choice for BDU. “You can set our start-up waste to less than 100 rotations! This is surprisingly low. And that is all thanks to the mRC-3D register system!’

At World Publishing Expo 2013 (7-9 Oct) Berlin - stand 1.2.230 - Q.I. Press Controls will show its full range of full automated press control solutions for rotary presses. It's certainly worth a visit!


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