After Bailey Murder, Judge Orders Troubled Black Muslim Bakery to Liquidate Assets

By: A bankruptcy judge has ruled that the bakery linked to the murder of journalist Chauncey Bailey will have to sell off its assets.

In making his ruling yesterday, U.S. bankruptcy Judge Edward Jellen said Chapter 7 liquidation is the best way for Oakland-based Your Black Muslim Bakery to repay the money it owes the IRS, its mortgage company and other creditors.

The judge's decision comes after an attorney for the bakery asked the judge to dismiss an order liquidating the bakery's assets, saying a potential buyer had emerged.

Your Black Muslim Bakery was raided last week after the fatal shooting of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey.

Bakery handyman Devaughndre (deh-VAHN'-dray BROO'-sard) has been charged with Bailey's murder.

Police say the 19-year-old Broussard confessed to the killing and said he was angry over Bailey's investigation into the bakery's finances.


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