Agfa Reports 'Encouraging' OptiInk Results

By: E&P Staff Agfa Graphics announced cost-saving and print-quality results for customers of its Arkitex OptiInk ink-optimization software (see March E&P).

Initial newspaper publishing sites' results "have been extremely encouraging," Agfa Business Development Manager, North America, Newspapers Systems, Sheila Nysko said in a statement. "OptiInk helps newspapers with their most significant challenges today - reducing costs while simultaneously improving productivity and quality."

Austrian newspaper printer Landesverlag Druckservice calculated annual ink savings of approximately $114,000, and saw better printing with less ink smudging.

Denmark's Nordjyske Medier reported that OptiiInk quickly paid for itself through reduced ink use and eliminated set-off and quality problems associated with darker areas.

Arkitex OptiInk automatically converts color spaces to ensure consistent printed colors. Its Smart Input Space Recognition technology assigns an input profile when the profile is not provided in the PDF file, effectively addressing a cause of many PDF/color problems. OptiInk also automatically converts spot colors into CMYK and processes them.


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