AIM Media Midwest papers announce plans to reduce print frequency


A number of Ohio publications owned by AIM Media Midwest, LLC, which operates daily and weekly newspapers, affiliated websites and a variety of related weekly and specialty publications in western and central Ohio, posted today that they will be reducing print frequency starting Feb. 28.

The Delaware (Ohio) Gazette, Wilmington (Ohio) News Journal, Urbana (Ohio) Daily Citizen, Bowling Green (Ohio) Sentinel-Tribune and Miami Valley Today (Troy, Ohio) all posted similar articles with headlines stating the newspaper was “Changing with the times.” The articles informed readers of the decision to publish print and e-editions two days a week.

Each of the newspapers wrote: “Inflationary costs are the major reason the largest 15 companies in our industry have closed more than 200 papers just since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. We want to be clear: We are committed to our community and to what we do. We are committed to growing our company and to providing local journalism that has an impact in our community. We’re excited about the future of community news, both print and digital.”

Jeremy L. Halbreich, chairman & CEO, AIM Media Management, said: “Following the experience of our very similar conversion effective March 31, 2022, in Odessa (Texas), we have decided to take similar steps and adopt a similar strategy in Ohio.  This applies to all our Ohio dailies with the exception of Lima, Bryan and Napoleon.  In conjunction with these conversions, there will be no changes in news and editorial staffing and we are enhancing and expanding our accompanying e-editions and websites.”


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  • bunty255

    It is sad that newspapers of all kinds face challenging times right now and I do understand the need to find non-traditional ways to stay in existence. However. as a subscriber of the Delaware Gazette since 1983, I am disappointed that it is impossible to get a response from AIM Media Midwest about the six month subscription I paid for less than 30 days before the announcement of the change was published. I have contacted the local Delaware Gazette editor, attempted to reach the local subscription manager and they have no answer to my question which is:

    What happens to my prepaid subscription?

    -We are now paying that amount for six months of 2x print per week + digital?

    -We will be receiving a refund?

    -We are paid ahead for approximately 2 years?

    -We will be given a choice of the three options above?

    Please respond in some way - perhaps your facebook page or in the next edition of this paper. If no response, I must assume your subscribers are unimportant to your business.

    Tuesday, March 7 Report this

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