Anne Gibbons Joins King's 'Six Chix' Comic Roster

By: E&P Staff Anne Gibbons has joined five other cartoonists on the "Six Chix" comic roster -- replacing Carla Ventresca in the Thursday slot, according to King Features Syndicate.

Gibbons describes her humor as "wry, sometimes sardonic, with a decidedly feminist bent" and "a social comment on everyday, real-life experiences of women everywhere."

The award-winning creator also self-syndicates the "Eve 'n Steven" comic, and does greeting cards, magazine cartoons, and more.

"Anne's work has great universal appeal and an authentic voice," said King Comics Editor Brendan Burford.

The "Six Chix" roster also includes Isabella Bannerman (Mondays), Margaret Shulock (Tuesdays), Rina Piccolo (Wednesdays), Kathryn LeMieux (Fridays), and Stephanie Piro (Saturdays). The cartoonists take turns drawing a full-color, multi-paneled comic strip for release on Sundays.

"Six Chix" -- which launched in 2000 -- is distributed to more than 60 newspapers, including The Arizona Republic, Detroit News, Houston Chronicle, San Diego Union-Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, and Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Ventresca left "Six Chix" to pursue other projects. One thing she does (with Henry Beckett) is the "On a Claire Day" comic for Creators Syndicate.


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