AP Official: VT Killer's Video on Track to Become Most Watched

By: Joe Strupp The disturbing video manifesto of Virginia Tech mass murderer Cho Seung-Hui, which Associated Press has distributed through is Online Video Network to newspaper Web sites, is likely to become the news service's most viewed online video, according to an AP official.

"That video, when it is all settled, is probably going to have three, four, or five times the amount of people watching it as most top videos of the day," said Jim Kathman, AP director of product management for global broadcast. "We know exactly how many people are watching any of the videos and where they are watching it."

Kathman said exact data on viewership of the Cho video, which has been distributed through the online news service since late Wednesday, is still being calculated. But he said initial reports show it is already drawing up to five times as much viewership as any top video. "It may be 10 times," he said.

Through the Online Video Network, which AP launched a year ago, newspaper Web sites are given access to AP videos at no charge, in exchange for airing a video ad with each viewing. Kathman said newspapers may also purchase videos through a regular subscription, but said the OVN usually draws more traffic.

The Cho video also is being aired without an ad, Kathman said, because of its controversial nature. He said that is a first for the video service

Monday, the day of the shooting, AP recorded its busiest video viewing day ever for OVN, with more than one million combined viewings of all of its videos.


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