AP Stylebook Launches iPhone App

By: E&P Staff The minds behind the AP Stylebook are becoming increasingly tech-minded of late, recently adding "Twitter" and "texting" to the book and redesigning its Web site. Today sees an even bigger step, though, as the book launches a new AP Stylebook iPhone app.

The app is a hybrid of the online and print versions of the stylebook, and is designed for journalists on the go. In addition to the more than 3,000 AP entries, it includes a ?favorites? option and a ?notes? feature, as well as the means to create a customized listing.

Developing the app, which took about four months, was prompted by the success of the AP?s free mobile news app and by the request of journalists in the field.

?AP Stylebook fans have been asking for a mobile application so they can have style guidance wherever they go,? Colleen Newvine, the AP?s head of market research and the Stylebook?s product manager, said in a statement. ?Journalists never know when they will need to run out the door to chase a story, so as long as they have an iPhone in their pockets when they go, the Stylebook can go with them."

The app costs $28.99 -- $10 more than the print version of the Stylebook (just $4 more if you factor in the $6 shipping fee), and $4 more than the online subscription. The app designers are quick to point out, though, that the price is comparable to other reference iPhone apps, including the Oxford English Dictionary ($19.99) and the American Heritage Dictionary ($29.99). Newvine also notes that users who purchase the 2009 app would be offered a two-for-one deal that would guarantee them the 2010 app for free.

?As we continue to develop new AP Mobile products, we are focused squarely on delivering information on demand that?s highly relevant to our users -- be it breaking local news stories or guidance for anyone who cares about good writing,? Jeff Litvack, AP?s general manager of mobile and emerging products, said in a statement. ?We're delighted to offer iPhone and iPod touch users a great way refer to the AP Stylebook anytime and from any location."

Newvine and her team hope that the Stylebook app?s users will offer critical feedback in order to improve the next version. In the future, designers hope that the app will evolve to become even more interactive, possibly adding an audio pronunciation guide and user updates.


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