AP, Too, Offers a Blog; 'Bad Language' Will Cover Pop Culture

By: (AP) Yeah, we know we're like two years too late to straddle the blog bandwagon. But we're backed by the largest and oldest news organization in the world. So, you know, we've got nothing to prove. Really. All you should expect from Bad Language is sarcasm-coated news and commentary about all things pop culture.

If you're confused on what a smog -- as our granny called it -- is or how it fits into The Associated Press' infrastructure, think of it like this: The AP is the all-knowing yet crotchety robe-clad Sanford and we're his wiseass but totally lovable Son, hocking junk you could probably live without.

From inside our cardboard box at the AP World Headquarters, we'll do stuff like fill you in on Bad News, tell you about the latest Bad Habits, ask stupid questions in Bad Interviews, bitch during Bad Reviews, chase celebrities on Bad Trips, and present anything and everything we deem Just Plain Bad.

No one is safe from BL. (That's right. We got initials.) Red carpet citizens, reality show rejects, drag queens, has-beens, celebutantes, and Donald Trump are all fodder for our amusement and unabashed worship. BL will scour through the AP's wires, go beyond the velvet rope, actually read our e-mail, and purposely fall down the rabbit hole to find the funny, seedy, dirty, and juicy bits that add flash and sass to our papparazzi-less lives.

Look, we're not promising this is gonna be good. But it's definitely gonna be bad.


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