'Bo Nanas' Comic Strip to End This Month

By: Dave Astor John Kovaleski's "Bo Nanas" comic is ending effective July 28, the Washington Post Writers Group announced today.

When asked why, WPWG Comics Editor Amy Lago replied: "It was a financial decision, and John has a number of other projects that are requiring more of his time."

"Bo Nanas" -- which stars a monkey -- began in May 2003 after Kovaleski's year-long participation in WPWG's "FineToon Fellowship" program for aspiring cartoonists.

Kovaleski proposed to his wife in the feature in 2004, and even had Bo attend a comic strip version of the wedding the next spring. In 2005, Andrews McMeel Publishing released "Monkey Meets World," a compilation book of "Bo Nanas" strips.

The final week of comics will wrap up the last four years and show Bo's influence on the lives of his friends -- including the strong, silent "Hot Dog Guy," "Brittany the Squirrel Scout," and landlady Mrs. Yannes.

"Bo will be missed," said Lago.


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