Cal Thomas Finally Gets Interview with Bush

By: E&P Staff Last fall, Cal Thomas talked about how a promised interview with President Bush didn't happen (E&P Online, Nov. 5). This Tuesday, the conservative columnist finally met with Bush in the Oval Office.

Thomas, whose column appears in nearly 600 newspapers via Tribune Media Services, devoted his Feb. 1 column to an edited transcript of the interview. He asked Bush about the elections in Iraq, when the U.S. might leave that country, future Supreme Court appointments, abortion, how history will judge his presidency, and more.

On the Iraq elections, Bush told Thomas: "[P]eople defied the terrorists and went to the polls in amazing numbers. Exciting moment." On withdrawing from Iraq, the president stated: "I think timetables are a mistake. The enemies can wait out timetables. ... The enemies will lie low, a timetable happens, then they strike."

Thomas also asked Bush whether any passage from the Bible "has particularly sustained you during time of war and the great pressures of this job?"

Part of Bush's reply: "You know, I can't think of a single verse. I mean, I wish I could. I guess many verses inspire me."


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