Carl Bernstein Plugs New Work -- By His Rock Musician Son

By: E&P Staff In his round of interviews for his new Hillary Clinton biography, legendary reporter Carl Bernstein has tried to also draw attention to someone else -- his son Max, a budding rock musician. He did it on Charlie Rose's PBS show, and now in an online chat this afternoon at

In the chat he was also asked what he thought of Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, after appearing on his show this week. Bernstein replied: "I think he's brilliant; I think his address to the White House Correspondents' dinner, with President Bush in attendance, was an act of great political courage, and a much deserved commentary both about the Bush presidency and the press."

Here's the exchange that led to his "product placement" related to his son, whose mother, of course, is writer Nora Ephron.

Q. Hope you don't mind a timely but off-topic question. Your positive Washington Post review of the "Sgt. Pepper" album at the time of its release was mentioned in a story in last Sunday's New York Times. A lot of people have lost their initial fondness for the album in the ensuing 40 years and I was just wondering if you had as well.

Carl Bernstein: I like this question a lot; and I still like the album.
Though i've retired as a rock critic, I still listen a good bit to rock , especially as my son Max is a rock musician.

His group--The Actual, which just opened for Velvet Revolver on a cross-country tour--has a new CD out this week, the same week my new book has been released, which is a nice coincidence, and an opportunity to express fatherly pride.

The CD is called "In Stitches"; can be heard in part on MySpace, by entering the name of the band; and the lead cut on the CD, "This is the Worst Day of My Life," was song of the week on MySpace recently.

So, let us all praise the opportunities of product placement, the historic and enduring greatness of "Sgt. Pepper," and great young musicians like Max (lead guitar, vocals, songwriter) and his talented bandmates. The CD is produced by Scott Weiland, the eminence of Velvet Revolver, and is on SoftDrive records.

And now, back to work.


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