Cartoonist Toles Makes List of 'Most Powerful People in D.C.'

By: E&P Staff Editorial cartoonist Tom Toles was chosen 48th in GQ's list of "The 50 Most Powerful People in D.C."

GQ said of Toles: "Whether he's depicting the U.S. Army as a quadruple-amputee soldier or simply drawing Bush with big Bugs Bunny ears, Toles is able to distill complex themes into a single frame like few others can. (Hence, the Pulitzer on his shelf.) 'Whenever people from the newsroom get together, Tom is there -- no matter if it's a local subject, a national subject, an international subject,' says Washington Post executive editor Len Downie. 'That?s not something you normally expect from an editorial cartoonist.'"

Toles (profiled in E&P's May 2007 issue) is syndicated to nearly 200 newspapers by Universal Press.


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