CEO Salah Zalatimo on building a social platform where journalism is valued

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The quest for clicks has diminished the value of quality, thoughtful information and content. Real journalists and thoughtful content creators are often drowned out on social media platforms by bots and fake accounts that share, like and retweet loud, obnoxious, and often misleading posts.

Voice is creating something different in a year when repeated cries of “fake news” have diminished the value of real journalism. Voice is building a community where journalists will have a place to earn true compensation for valuable content without the need to shout over the din of fake accounts, screamers, and talking heads.

Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo answered questions about Voice’s rewards model, how it is different from other new social media platforms, and why now is the right time for Voice.

Q. Can you tell us about Voice’s mission and vision?

A. Voice is a social media platform that puts humans first. That means eliminating fake accounts, rewarding content creators and empowering communities to self-govern. We believe that doing this will create a more sustainable media ecosystem where journalists can thrive.  

Q. Why is now the right time for Voice?

A. Frankly, it’s more apparent than ever before that society desperately needs a platform like Voice. People are increasingly divided, and a large part of that is due to the way we consume information online — more divisive takes more clicks (because it makes more money for social media platforms today). The more clicks and engagement these conversations get, the more money advertisers and big tech make — but none of that trickles down to publications or writers. We know that the survival of local news outlets and the health of the communities they represent is at stake, so we can’t just sit back and watch this critical component of our society and our democracy come to an end. Instead, we’re taking a stand by building a platform that rewards content creators. 

Q. You’re one of the newer platforms to hit the scene, at a time where legacy social media platforms are in the news and not always in a flattering way. How are you different?

A. If today’s social media platforms knew what they know now when they launched, they would be very different. We have the great opportunity to learn from that and build a fundamentally better platform with better technology. Blockchain technology allows us to create a new type of ecosystem that revolves around a dedicated cryptocurrency called the Voice Token. The introduction of a token allows users to better capture the value our users create and for them to convert that value into real money.  

Q.How does human-first tie into journalism and supporting content creators?

A. The most underappreciated people online right now are content creators. Journalism has been decimated by big tech, leaving writers stuck tying their success to opaque algorithms and ad impressions. We’re building an entire platform that meets the needs and amplifies the talents of content creators of every type, regardless of affiliation. One element that has been extremely harmful to digital news is the black box of the audience, like how numbers are inflated due to algorithmic dependencies. By only allowing real humans onto Voice, we can guarantee that content is being seen (and engaged with) authentically. Authenticity will also help to drain the swamp of user comments across the web and reintroduce civil discourse. 

Q. What kinds of experiences will Voice users expect to have? 

A. Above all, we want the online experience to be as close to real life interaction as possible. Think of it like a digital barbecue, where you treat others online as you would were you to meet them at a neighborhood gathering. There’s a different dynamic at play when you know everyone you’re interacting with is a real person — thanks to our one account per human policy. Your experience on Voice reflects your authentic lived experiences, where your real voice is empowered and heard. When you combine those elements, you get a type of digital experience unlike any that currently exist. 

There’s also a cohesive feeling of being a part of something different that has led our community to form strong relationships right off the bat. We’re also building alongside our community’s feedback, which means that everyone feels empowered to help determine what “social as it should be” means. 

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