Cheaters Never Win? Williams of "SF Chron" Comments on Bonds After He Beats HR Mark

By: E&P Staff ESPN's coverage of Barry Bonds beating Henry Aaron's alltime home run record Wednesday night was largely celebratory, with the reality of compelling accusations against him about use of steroids and human growth hormone allowed to crash the party only intermittently. But it did interview Lance Williams by phone after midnight (in the east) for something of a reality check.

Williams is the San Francisco Chronicle reporter who, along with Mark Fainaru-Wada, broke the story of testimony about Bonds before a grand jury. They later co-authored the bestselling book about the case, "Game of Shadows."

He told ESPN that the man accused of selling drugs to Bonds and others, Greg Anderson, remains in prison, still unwilling to testify against the slugger. Williams also recounted some of the evidence against Bonds.

Asked if Bonds was "clean" now, Williams said it his policy not to go beyond the facts, but he pointed out that there is still no reliable test for detecting human growth hormone. And he observed that the probe of drug use by major league baseball, led by former Sen. George Mitchell, will soon be issuing its findings.

What will Bonds' legacy be? Williams said it would largely depend on the legal twists and turns, and Mitchell's report.


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