'Chicago Trib' Editorial Cartoonist Stantis Discusses His New Gig

By: E&P Staff Alan Gardner at The Daily Cartoonist has posted an interview with Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis, the first cartoonist hired by the paper since the death of Jeff MacNelly in 2000.

Stantis says his current gig is a long-term one (?That was an issue of great importance to me,? he says), and discusses the process of stepping into a very big pair of shoes.

?The lineage is remarkable, no doubt,? he tells Gardner. ?I plan to put my head down and draw the very best cartoon I can that day and all of the days to follow. Just like I have been doing for all of these previous years. I will let the legacy take care of itself.?

Stantis? cartoons are distributed by Creators Syndicate.

Check out the whole interview here.


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