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By: M.L. Stein A SAN FRANCISCO Chronicle deliveryman survived a terrifying ordeal when he was kidnapped on his route by an escaped convict, threatened with death and tied to a motel room chair with duct tape.
The victim, Robert Brian Kelly, 28, managed to work his way loose while his captor was out of the room, police said.
The kidnapper, David Wayne Anderson, 36, was still being sought at this writing and so was Kelly's pickup truck in which the two rode from Vacaville, Calif., to San Francisco after Anderson broke out of the California Medical Facility in that community. Kelly said he was delivering papers to a supermarket when Anderson approached him with what he thought was a gun concealed by a newspaper.
Actually, the object was two hacksaw blades lashed together, which Anderson had used to saw through one-inch metal bars in his cell, lower himself with a bedsheet, and then cut through barbed wire at a fence near an empty guard tower, according to Vacaville police. Anderson reportedly is HIV-positive and was confined to the prison's AIDS ward.
Anderson, who was serving the last year of a 16-year sentence for second- degree murder in San Diego, forced Kelly to withdraw $60 with his ATM card and then ordered him to drive the 45 miles to San Francisco, stopping on the way so the escapee could buy hair dye, clothing and other personal items. Police said Anderson sometimes dresses as a woman.
In San Francisco, they checked into a motel, paying with Kelly's credit card.
At a news conference at the Vacaville police station, Kelly said Anderson told him that, "He wanted my truck and he would shoot me if I didn't cooperate. A few times I wanted to go against him, but I realized he was in much better shape than I was and I knew I wouldn't have had a chance."
At the motel in the city's upscale Marina District, Kelly said, Anderson took his wallet and credit cards before leaving.
"He said he had AIDS and was dying," Kelly recalled. "I waited 10 or 12 hours and figured he was not coming back. I just kept struggling until I broke free."
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