City of Chicago Wants Refund From 'Sun-Times'

By: E&P Staff A measure was introduced in the Chicago City Council today demanding that city attorneys seek a refund from the Chicago Sun-Times for some of the money the city paid for legal ads, public notices, and subscriptions over the eight-year period when the tabloid padded its circulation numbers.

According to the measure's sponsor, Alderman Ed Burke, the city paid more than $1.7 million on legal advertising, public notices and subscription fees between Jan. 1, 2001 and last July 31.

In a response in today's Sun-Times, Publisher John Cruickshank said the paper had promised that all advertisers would be treated fairly. "Of course it's appropriate to raise this," he said, according to the article by City Hall reporter Fran Spielman. "It'll be dealt with. We're in the course of contacting advertisers and dealing with them as quickly as we can."


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