Civil is Building a Decentralized Newsroom Using Blockchain Technology


There’s a new kid on the block.

Civil is a blockchain-based platform that supports a broad, global community of newsrooms with a new funding model. The platform is committed to bringing new sources of quality information to the public and help raise public trust in evidence-based reporting, but the key is that it’s a decentralized marketplace. Civil currently runs in 11 newsrooms, including Block Club Chicago, FAQ NYC and Cannabis Wire.

The Civil marketplace is built on a protocol that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. A journalist must earn access to Civil’s platform, and they must pledge to abide by the protocol’s accountability standards, community-driven governance and citizen-first business models. Civil recently received $5 million in funding from ConsenSys, a top developer of Ethereum.

Co-founder Mathew Iles believes this protocol will soon support a vast network of independent newsrooms operating transparently with citizens all over the world, and he expects at least a thousand newsrooms globally to be published on the Civil platform by the end of 2018.

The Civil Media Co. is the founding entity of the Civil ecosystem, which includes the Civil Foundation, an independent, non-profit focused on working with the community to uphold and evolve its purpose; the Civil Studios, a for-profit entity created to house and fund works of journalism; and Civil Labs, a for-profit entity established to develop software apps, tools and widgets for the ecosystem.

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