Columbia, Stonybrook Approach Journalism for 21st Century

By: E&P Staff At Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, New Yorker writer Dean Nicholas Lemann is leading an effort to develop a series of real-world, multimedia case studies to teach the next generation of journalism's editors and producers how to lead in a time of change.

The cases are emerging from some of the timeliest and most complex stories in today's headlines. They're set in the newsrooms of, for example, The Times-Picayune in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, or The Washington Post.

Over in Long Island, Howie Schneider, former editor-in-chief of Newsday, is helping Stony Brook University add to its journalism education mission by educating a new generation of news consumers.

In Schneider's News Literacy course, ultimately reaching 10,000 Stony Brook undergrads, students examine what makes a journalist and what makes journalism different from other kinds of information.


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