Columnist Takes Off the Gloves: President Is an 'Idiot'

By: E&P Staff Robert Scheer, in a column slamming a president who started a preemptive war, tried a preemptive approach himself in the hopes that newspapers wouldn't delete his reference to George W. Bush as an "idiot."

In his Wednesday piece, the San Francisco Chronicle/Creators Syndicate commentator wrote: "As Iraq continues to disintegrate, and our top generals and in-country ambassador predict that U.S. troops will need to die there for decades in order to prevent a full-scale regional bloodbath, it is important to recall the reasons why we got into this mess.

"The marker of what will go down in history as 'Bush's folly' is that this idiot of a president invaded a country that had absolutely nothing to do with terrorists attacks on the United States on 9/11 or threatening America with WMD while coddling the military junta in Pakistan, which was guilty on both counts."

Then Scheer added parenthetically: "For newspaper editors inclined to strike my reference in this syndicated column to our 'idiot president' as excessively pejorative, I refer them to one definition of 'idiot' in Webster's New Riverside University Dictionary: 'being unable to guard against common dangers and being incapable of learning connected speech.' "


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