ComScore Identifies Online Display Ad Opportunities

By: E&P Staff Hyperlocal applies to advertising, too -- so marketing research company comScore gathered data to find out how many online display ads are targeted locally. The firm found that 10% of all U.S. online display ads are locally targeted.

ComScore researched online display ads across four major markets: Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. It spotted advertisers that were deemed to be locally targeted ads in a particular market if their relative share of display ads was substantially higher than the market's share of display ads nationally.

The results enable publishers to identify potential ad sales with advertisers focused on a particular market that might be willing to pay higher CPMs for the targeted reach, a comScore statement said.

"Locally targeted ads are an increasingly important component of the digital ad landscape because they represent a more efficient allocation of ad dollars," Brian Jurutka, comScore vice president, said in a statement. "ComScore's new capability allows us to identify and quantify these opportunities to deliver additional value to both advertisers and publishers alike."


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