'Dallas Morning News' is First with Marketing G2 Products

By: E&P Staff To completely automate its subscription order process, The Dallas Morning News is launching Mobile Subscriptions and Solicitor Concierge from Philadelphia-based Marketing G2 The products are designed to streamline communication and improve data-collection and management performance.

Mobile Subscriptions relies on the speed of wireless handheld devices to allow sales staffers at kiosks, events, and going door-to-door to enter new subscriptions, swipe credit cards, scan driver-license information, and upload all the data via a secure Internet connection. Once in the system, a newspaper's marketing and sales team can employ the information with Solicitor Concierge, a secure administration site that enhances acquisition and retention specialists' control over such data as subscription starts and unprocessed starts. Solicitor Concierge users can see historical trends and manage subscriptions in real-time.

Implementation of the two products marks the next phase of Customer Value Management at the Morning News. Launched in 2006, the initiative uses technology to gain deeper knowledge about readers and improve the overall customer experience.


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