Dallas Set to Ban Racks in Parts of City

By: E&P Staff The Dallas City Council is taking steps to ban individual newspaper racks in parts of the city. In its place, the council is moving towards approving standardized modular boxes that can hold up to eight publications each, reports The Dallas Morning News' Dave Levinthal.

Those interested in getting one of the eight slots would enter a lottery that would be "weighted" toward dailies and other prominent downtown publications.

The new boxes would be placed in downtown Dallas' business district and the surrounding areas of Deep Ellum and Uptown.

"What we've tried to do is come up with a very careful balance between the rights of the publishers to disseminate their message in the public right of way around the city, and still balance our interest in ? visual blight, clutter, and public safety." Dallas city attorney Tom Perkins told Levinthal.

Dallas Mayor Laura Miller -- a former Dallas Observer columnist -- backs the proposal. She told the Morning News: "We've worked with the publishers on this for more than a year. We?ve talked it to death. It?s time to do this."

The council is slated to vote on the ordinance on June 20.


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