David Broder: Despite Scandals And Other Grim News, 'I Am Sleeping Well'

By: E&P Staff David Broder, the longtime Washington Post reporter and columnist, sat for an online chat at the paper's site today. Among other things, he said he rarely reads readers' comments on his stories or much else on the Web because this would cut into his time needed for reporting.

He also faced this probing/entertaining query.

Q. With Imus, the inside bombing job in the Green Zone, Anna Nicole's baby's father, missing Rove e-mails, Alberto Gonzales in the murder sessions, "this president" who doesn't want to be Commander in Chief anymore (i.e., new war czar), retired generals tell POTUS to stick it, Washington Nats falling apart, votes going on constantly in the Congress -- which is working five days a week now, hearings, subpoenas, et al ... here's my question:

How can you possibly get any sleep in a town that's belting out the news without letup? You might miss something if you doze off! And one more: with all the scandal-leaking between source and reporter, is it really crowded in that midnight parking garage that WoodStein inhabited during Watergate? Perhaps the city could arrange for street vendors to provide coffee, pretzels, and sandwiches. And The Washington Post. Thanks much.

David S. Broder: Let me reassure you. I am sleeping well, and the Nationals actually won a ballgame last night. Hope springs eternal.


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