Denver papers give big play to opening of new airport p.15

By: Rocky Mountain News BOTH THE Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post gave massive news and photo coverage to the long-awaited opening of the new Denver International Airport (DIA).
The News greeted the event with major coverage that included a 12-page traveler's guide to the facility and 11 pages of stories on the first day of operation.
In addition, the newspaper ran a 15-page wrap the day after the Feb. 28 opening. DIA is the first new airport in the United States in 20 years.
The coverage included a story that the airport is expected to lose 1,000 bags a day until the bugs are worked out of the trouble-plagued, $225-million luggage system.
The guide provided information on getting to the 53-square-mile DIA, determining drop-off and pickup locations, parking, navigating the terminals, and finding one's plane, handicap accesses and the 108 shops, restaurants and bars in the terminal. Graphics took up a double-truck spread.
One News issue displayed a front-page banner, "Farewell to Stapleton," Denver's old airport, with nostalgic pieces inside.
The Post published over 125 columns on the airport's debut, which also was a major national story.
Included in the paper's coverage was a daily front-page "countdown" until opening day. Its Sunday March 5 issue included a special DIA section, with lots of color photos on stories ranging from medical facilities at the airport to the lack of a children's room. Another issue featured a two-page spread on getting around the airport.
Both newspapers carried a number of sidebars on virtually every phase of the $4.9-billion airport.


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