'Detroit Free Press' Cuts Six Comics

By: Joe Strupp The Detroit Free Press announced plans to cut six of its comic strips beginning next week. In a note to readers Sunday, the paper also explained the removal of several puzzles and the addition of a new crossword puzzle.

The six comics being removed are: "Spider-Man"; "Dinette Set"; "The Family Tree"; "F-Minus"; "Mutts"; and "Rose is Rose."

"Two weeks ago, I asked you for your five favorite Sunday comics. We received thousands of votes via e-mail, paper ballot and from an online poll," Managing Editor Julie Topping wrote in the editor's note. "We took your feedback into account and will discontinue these comics effective Sept. 13."

She also noted that the Free Press would continue to run The Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle, and a new puzzle by its former author Wayne Williams. Topping could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Read her entire note, here.


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