Dotson's and Spillane's Stacker Light Curtain Design Not Sold to Quipp

By: E&P Staff Reporting the retirement of Los Angeles Times operations executive Wayne Bean, E&P Online (Aug. 9) noted that during Bean's 28 years at Tucson Newspapers Inc., the first stacker light curtain was developed and later sold to and marketed by Quipp Systems.

Tuscon's light curtain, designed to prevent injury by stopping stacker turntable rotation when an object passes through a light beam, was the creation of Packaging Center Technician Len Dotson and Packaging Center Maintenance Supervisor Joel Spillane.

Contrary to E&P's report, however, the light curtain developed by Dotson and Spillane was not subsequently licensed by Quipp. "We did not buy the idea," said Quipp Inc. President and CEO, Mike Kady, who also is president of its Quipp Systems subsidiary.

"We don't view it as an invention at all," Kady said, noting that light curtains have been used for decades with other machinery and that "we were working on the idea."


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