Druckhaus Spandau (DHS) of Axel Springer AG purchases and takes delivery of 3TControl's Print Automation Platform

By: Press Release | 3TControl Precision Systems

Druckhaus Spandau (DHS) of Axel Springer AG has accepted and taken-over the installation of 3TControl's Print Automation Platform that has been tested over the past six months on one of the MAN Colorman presses at Axel Springer's Berlin printing facility. DHS and 3TControl have also signed a strategic collaboration partnership to develop new functionalities on top of the existing platform.

3TControl Business Development Manager Sergio Muñoz said, "We are honoured to take this collaboration with DHS to the next level. The technical and production team at DHS and 3TControl are the perfect match to continue to take more and more functionality into the one camera, 3TControl Automation Platform. It’s an exciting development for us, and for the wider newspaper industry. Organizing production efficiently is the top priority for many printers in the coming years. Print automation will play a big part, and with this agreement, 3TControl further strengthens its claim on being the leader in a low cost system for newspaper print automation that offers the maximum in automation technology, results and service."


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