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By: Editorial Staff EDITOR & PUBLISHER CO., with the support of the Newspaper Association of America, has created a landmark database of daily newspapers' advertising capabilities.
Highlighting new technology and creative advertising options ? ranging in scope from papers that can deliver to specific addresses to those offering Post-it options ? the database is a significant tool to help lure national advertisers to newspapers.
The data was collected by the research department of Editor & Publisher Co.
Using questions most commonly raised by advertisers, the two companies developed a survey of more than 100 questions covering seven areas: distribution, standardization, research, technology, creative options, multimedia advertising combos, and point of entry.
During a two-month period, E&P's research department conducted phone interviews with the advertising directors of every daily newspaper in the United States, inviting each to participate.
With the new database in place, Editor & Publisher Co. and the NAA will track trends in newspaper advertising capabilities and such information can be used to promote newspapers as an ad vehicle for national advertisers.
A large part of the survey, dedicated to creative options, was set up to determine what newspapers are offering to advertisers. Presented with an extensive collection of questions on everything from trigger ads to printed polybags, advertising directors were also asked to volunteer information on news and future projects. The numerous and varied responses indicated that newspapers are busy searching for innovations to attract advertisers. Internet Web site ad combos, scented and florescent inks, and mascots providing on-location and grand-opening coverage were just a few of the creative options newspapers are offering.
"This marks a historic time in the newspaper industry, as two of the most recognized industry organizations come together to push this great and time-tested advertising medium to the forefront of the national advertising scene," said E&P publisher D. Colin Phillips.
"The NAA and E&P have the resources and respect within the industry to compile data and promote the industry on a global basis," said John Sturm, NAA president and CEO. "The database will prove a valuable resource as newspapers strive to meet the demands of our advertisers."
Publishers or ad directors who would like to review his or her publication's information contained in the recently created database can send an e-mail request to Ian Anderson at iana@mediainfo.com or fax the request to him via 212-691-7287.
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copyright: Editor & Publisher - April 19, 1997


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