EidosMedia Integrates M?thode 4.0, Adobe CS4

By: E&P Staff The latest release of the M?thode editorial platform from EidosMedia, Milan, Italy, and New York, features integration with the Adobe CS4 suite of applications.

M?thode has allowed users to open images from its editorial or pagination environments in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, edit them and save them back to M?thode's database under workflow control. This is now extended to Adobe InDesign and Acrobat in M?thode 4.0.

"The integration allows pages and artwork created with InDesign to be stored in M?thode, and paginated with a simple drag and drop operation," EidosMedia Chief Technology Officer Ismail Gazarin said in a statement. "The same document can be subsequently opened and edited in InDesign, while remaining part of the M?thode workflow. This enables M?thode publications to include contributions from external or free-lance page designers using the Adobe suite."

A similar facility enables PDF file management within M?thode, either for further editing using Acrobat Pro or for review using Acrobat reader.

EidosMedia separately announced that regional daily Le Dauphin? Liber?, Grenoble, France, has moved production to M?thode, which replaces the Datox software used by the regional daily's 265 editorial staffers.

Fully exloiting M?thode's multi-edition functions, the paper's central newsroom and 40 local offices can share an editorial planning space to manage the a complex 24-edition structure.


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