Everything You Need to Know About Launching a Local News Website


Perhaps you know Henry Scott from years in senior management positions at the New York Times or as VP/ CMO at Creative Loafing. However, you may not know that Henry decided in 2012 to move to West Hollywood, California to start a digital-only local news presence he called WEHOville.com.

In 8-years, he built a viable, profitable business with a sizable audience consuming award-winning content across multiple platforms. Then, just a few months ago, Scott sold the site to enter the world of media consulting, hoping to help others gain the same success he did as a local "news disruptor."  As part of this mission, he has crafted a lengthy, fact-filled manifesto he calls: "Want to Launch a Local News Website?  Been There. Done That. Here’s What You Need to Know.

In this 20-page, 11,000+ word document, Henry Scott offers actionable, real-world advice for anyone who wants to enter the world of news publishing as a pure play digital-only platform. Sections within the document include:

  • “Where’s the Money?”
  • “What is News…”
  • “Creating the Site”
  • “Clicks? Impressions? What Did We Charge and Why?”
  • “There’s More Than a Simple Display Ad”
  • “How to Get Your Name Out There”
  • “How to Gain Subscriptions”
  • “Sell, Sell, Sell”

And more!

In this 100th Episode of “E&P Reports,” Publisher Mike Blinder goes one-on-one with industry veteran Henry Scott on why he spent 8-years dedicated to building a successful, profitable local news Website and what key lessons he learned others could use to mimic that success.

Download Want to Launch a Local News Website?  Been There. Done That. Here’s What You Need to Know.”


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