Evolving 'Stampa' to Run Off Wifag evolution Presses

By: E&P Staff After surveying readers, the large Italian daily La Stampa is remaking itself in a new, compact format of 310x450 mm (approx. 12.25x17.75 inches) -- which it will produce on two Wifag press lines it ordered last month.

Not only smaller than the current 380x530 mm (15x20.675 inches), the new format has a modern design, shorter articles, and new page layout. La Stampa's average circulation of 350,000 copies appears in 15 cities, printed at six plants.

Four Wifag evolution 372 presses with a cylinder circumference of 1240 mm and a web width of 1800 mm will be used to produce not only the "tabloid" La Stampa daily, but also newspaper supplements at the main printing center in Turin. The presses will mainly be used in collect production mode, with the possibility of book stitching.

Press selection was based on the need for up to 96 pages and full-color printing. La Stampa returned to Wifag to replace, at the end of next year, three of the Swiss manufacturer's OF7 presses that went into production in 1989 and were extended in 1995 to 56 pages, of which eight are four-color. In 2001, a further extension with OF370 shaftless add-on towers, units and autopasters increased the number of pages to 64, of which 20 are four-color.

Prepared for integration of on-press direct exposure of non-process printing plates at a later date, the presses for La Stampa are the first of the new evolution generation in Italy. Each will comprise three evolution 372 four-high towers, one KF 140/T 2:5:5 jaw folder, three autoturn turner bar levels, and three autopaster A reelstands.


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