FAZ Installs ppi Media's AdX

By: E&P Staff Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung contracted with manroland's ppi Media subsidiary to install the print and online functions of its AdX cross-media ad solution.

"Apart from the intuitive design of AdX and its clear display of different media on a single planning board, we were particularly impressed by ppi's integration of our ad server, Dart," FAZ Prepress Production Director Stephan Puls said in a statement. Once installed, integration of the ad order entry system is planned for the second phase. Cross-media campaigns can then be transferred from ad order entry to AdX for planning.

When AdX is installed, staff at headquarters and in field offices will have parallel access to the Web-based solution and be able to view the status of occupied and free spaces for print and online ads at all times. The graphic cross-media planning board, which displays the Web site and newspaper structure, will facilitate sales of cross-media packages. AdX also can show sample pages and incorporate official monthly statistics.

The cross-media ad-management system was developed by ppi for reservation of ads in online, print and mobile formats. Print ad bookings are shown in a page dummy; online and mobile bookings are displayed on a cross-media planning board. The aggregate Package View gives an overview of bookings for all media.

With the AdX Self Service Tool, customers can inform themselves in advance on positions, duration and cost of a planned online campaign. An iPhone application also is available.


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