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By: Editorial Staff PUBLIC OPINION AND the press, the effect of mass media technologies on business structures, and the influence of the Wall Street Journal are some of the topics to be explored by the Media Studies Center's newly chosen 1997-98 fellows.
The class of 11 media professionals and scholars will take up residence at the center in midtown Manhattan in the fall of 1997 and the spring of 1998.
The 1997-98 fellows and their projects are:
u John Carey, director, Greystone Communications, "Interactive Media."
u Ying Chan, reporter, New York Daily News, "Muzzling the Press: A Critical Survey of Libel Litigation in East Asia."
u Ken Dautrich, associate director, Roper Center, and assistant professor of political science, University of Connecticut, "Disdain for the Process, Delight with the Product: Americans' Divided Opinion on News Media Performance."
u Michael Godwin, writer, counsel, Electronic Frontier Foundation, "The Transformative Power of On-line Society."
u Jessica Korn, adjunct professor, Columbia University Graduate School of Business, "When Specialization Works: The Effect of Mass Media Technologies on Business Structures."
u Susan Braun Levine, former editor, Columbia Journalism Review, "Media's Responsibility to the Community."
u Jon Meacham, senior editor, Newsweek, "Of God and Mammon: Inside the Rise of the Wall Street Journal."
u Monroe E. Price, professor of law, Cardozo School of Law, "Consensus, Conflict and Regulation: Responses to Media Globalization."
u Richard Reeves, Universal Press Syndicate columnist, writer, The New Yorker, "The Future of Journalism, If It Has One."
u Robert Shogan, national political correspondent, Los Angeles Times Washington bureau, "Character Study: Politics and Journalism in the Age of Imagery."
u Sasha Torres, assistant professor of modern culture and media, Brown University, "Black, White and in Color: Television, African Americans and the Production of National History."
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