First Plame Case Film Set to Roll -- With Kate Beckinsale as Judy Miller?

By: E&P Staff The first major Hollywood film inspired by the Plame/CIA leak case is ready to roll and, surprise, the main focus apparently will not be on a character based on Valerie or Joe Wilson, Bob Novak or even Patrick Fitzgerald -- but rather on Judith Miller. And she may be played by Kate Beckinsale, who is quite a few years younger than the real thing.

Or as London's Daily Telegraph puts it today in a headline: "Kate to play Hack." Rotten Tomatoes has a slightly different take: "Leggy Brunette to Play Beleaguered Reporter."

Edie Falco, fresh from "The Sopranos," is targeted to play the Bill Keller role as the editor of the jailed female reporter, Variety reports. Matt Damon would be the prosecutor, and up-and-comer Vera Farmiga would play the dashing CIA agent.

News has emerged that Rod Lurie, known for his fine Capitol Hill drama "The Contender," will direct the film, titled "Nothing But the Truth." Lurie is the son of famed editorial cartoonist Ranan Lurie and former film critic for the New York Daily News and many magazines. He created the Geena Davis television series "Commander In Chief" and reputedly holds liberal views.

According to Variety sources, the lead is a Washington reporter who outs a CIA agent, then is jailed for refusing to reveal her source. Shooting may begin in October.

If it happens, this would beat to the screen a planned fact-based film based on the memoir being written by Plame.


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