Former Facebook Editor Launches Beacon, a Platform That Pays Journalists

By: Hamish McKenzie | PandoDaily

Former Facebook managing editor Daniel Fletcher and the two founders behind the Backspaces storytelling app have launched the beta version of a platform that aims to help independent journalists get paid for their work. Called Beacon, the new platform lets readers follow their favorite writers, and others who publish on the service, for a monthly fee.

Fletcher and cofounders Adrian Sanders and Dmitri Cherniak want Beacon to foster relationships between readers and writers on a one-to-one basis. Writers can promote their work via Beacon and encourage their followers to subscribe to the journalism available on the platform for $5 a month. (During the beta period, readers get a free 14-day trial period.) Most of the revenue – between 60 percent and 75 percent; the founders say the exact figure will be determined over time – goes directly to the writers.


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